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  1. Any offers in the discussions or anywhere in the group might be scam, proceed on your own risk. This is only a fan group of the game and not official from the developers, and we are also not associated with any sponsors or people who would control .
  2. The explosion in Leichenkeller 2 of Krema II was still more violent than that in Leichenkeller 1 since it destroyed nearly all the cover of the locality, except for a small part at the east end. Now it is precisely on this part of the cover that there is a round hole through which passed the piping for the de-aeration (Entlüftung) of.
  3. Leichenkeller 1 and 2 were each equipped with a ventilation system powered by electric motors. - Leichenkeller 2 the "dressing room" with a volume of cubic meters, was equipped with a horsepower motor; - Leichenkeller 1 the alleged gas chamber with a volume of cubic meters, had a horsepower motor (pp. , and ). From.
  4. Sonderbehandlung (German: [ˈzɔndɐbəˌhandlʊŋ], special treatment) is any sort of preferential treatment, but is known primarily as a euphemism for mass murder used by Nazi functionaries and the SS, who commonly used the abbreviation S.B. in documentation. It first came to prominence during Action T4, where SS doctors killed mentally ill and disabled patients .
  5. Feb 24,  · The undressing room was also called a Leichenkeller on the blueprint. There was an exterior entrance with a staircase on the north side of the building which led to the Vorraum of Krema II so that the SS men could enter Leichenkeller 1, the gas chamber, without going through Leichenkeller 2, which was the undressing room.
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  7. Apr 06,  · Of course, those clever Nazis referred to the execution room at Buchenwald as a Leichenkeller, but this was a euphemism; the gas chambers at Auschwitz were also labeled Leichenkeller on the blueprints. The original plan for the Leichenkeller at Auschwitz had a corpse slide, but this feature was eliminated before the gas chambers, disguised as.